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      Quantitative Investment Strategies
      Dedicated to Unlocking the Potential of China

      Who We Are

      Shanghai Mingshi Investment Management (“Mingshi”) is a quantitative investment manager focused on research, risk management and alpha creation in China’s capital markets. Mingshi was founded in December 2010 and was one of earliest quantitative strategy firms in China. Our investment partners include global asset managers, sovereign wealth funds, corporations, and family offices. Mingshi is a trusted advisor of capital, leading the China asset management industry forward with the highest standards of compliance, technology, and performance.

      Our Mission
      Our History

      Mingshi is built on a foundation of globally recognized academic research. Mingshi’s research expertise range from behavioral finance and empirical asset pricing to the latest technologies in computer science and machine learning. We strive to be the best combination of financial economics and its application within artificial intelligence.

      Read More

      Mingshi is at the leading-edge of investment management. At Mingshi you will find leading investment-minds supported by the latest technology pursuing excellence for our investors.
      Mingshi's values and resources provide an environment where all employees can have an impact. At Mingshi, you are shaping the future of China's investment industry.
      We care about our employees and strive to create an open, honest and supportive environment that values excellence, diversity, creativity and original thinking.

      For Professionals
      For Students
      Current Opportunities

      Mingshi is passionate about its mission to bring best-in-class China investment management to the world. We look forward to connecting with you. ‍

      Current and prospective investors can contact Mingshi at; ir@mingshiim.com.

      For all other enquiries please use the contact us form.

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